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Working in the medical sector can involve varied work patterns and schedules, which in turn, means your pay can be made up of different types such as shift allowances, additional hours, locum and bank work. That’s where you need a mortgage broker which understands your pay, and how lenders will use it. Take the pressure off yourself and take advantage of our expertise.

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Mortgage for Doctors

Many mortgage lenders may not understand your income as a doctor, the types of work you do, or how your salary is paid. Our advisers are specialised professionals who work with doctors, understand the income – whether complex or not – and work with you to find you a mortgage. Lenders have their own specific criteria which dictates what they can and cannot accept as income, and what types of contracts ar acceptable, that’s why it’s important to have a broker that knows one lender’s criteria from another’s. For trainee doctors, the good news is some lenders appreciate the training and associated costs required for this type of work, and will consider your long-term earning potential. There are also some that will accept employment letters and work schedules, to take your future income.

  • Trainee Doctor
  • Junior Doctors
  • Locum Doctor
  • Agency Doctor
  • Junior Doctors
  • Research Doctors
  • Surgeons
  • Foundation Year – Newly Qualified Doctors
  • Partners of an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)
  • Recently joined a private practice from the NHS
  • Experience private practice doctors
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Mortgage for Dentists

At times, it can be frustrating dealing directly with a mortgage lender, when they don’t seem to understand your working contract or the pay you receive. It takes time researching the market to see who will accept your income, time that you probably don’t have. It can therefore make sense for you to entrust someone else to deal with finding a mortgage for you as a dentist. As mortgage professionals, we are more than qualified to aid you.

  • Trainee Dentists
  • Partners of an LLP
  • Employed Dentists
  • NHS Dentists
  • Fixed term contract Dentists
  • Locum Dentists

If you have your own firm, whether it’s set up as a General Dental Service, or a Personal Dental Service, there’ll be a mortgage adviser for you.

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Mortgage for Dentists
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Mortgage for Nurses

It can be difficult for Nurses applying for a mortgage because of the flexible shift patterns, bank work and the amount of overtime you may do, whether you have long service as a Nurse or are training or newly qualified. Lenders can sometimes mis-understand your income, or question the sustainability. However, there are still many options available to you. We can help you by looking at your payslips, and advising which lender would be right for you.

We have advisers who can help:

  • Newly Qualified Nurses
  • Experienced Nurses
  • Bank work for Nurses
  • Agency Nurses
  • Hospice Nurses
  • Theatre Nurses
  • Community Nurses
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Mortgage for NHS Staff

When it comes to working for the NHS, whilst it is rewarding, it can be extremely stressful and time consuming, whether you are a doctor, nurse or dentist. When it comes to mortgages, it is important that you are aware of all of the options available to you, in order for you to make the best decision for you. We can help to explain these options to you, and help you find the right mortgage for you.

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NHS Mortgage Large

Mortgage for Pharmacists

Pharmacists are in an excellent position when it comes to getting a mortgage, however, each mortgage lender will have different requirements that they need you to meet. This can be quite confusing if you aren’t in this field. This is why, as professional mortgage brokers, we can negotiate the terms and help you to find the best mortgage for you.

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Mortgage for Junior Medical Staff

As a junior member of medical staff, you may face a few struggles when applying for a mortgage. This is because some lenders may not understand the different entries on your payslips, such as bank work, additional hours and Bank Holiday pay for example. They could also not accept the type of contract you have, if you’re on rotation, or have a work schedule. If you’ve been declined for a mortgage because of this, you may just shelve the idea until you’re qualified, but this is where we can help. As professional mortgage brokers we can help you find the correct Healthcare mortgage, and understand your pay, so that lenders will too.

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As well as basic salary, we also have lenders available that will accept:

  • Bank work – including separate payslips
  • Additional roster hours
  • Night/weekend duties
  • Bank Holiday Pay
  • London allowance
  • Town allowance
  • Locum work – from multiple sources
  • Private practice work
  • Specialist Registrar Pay
  • NHS Banding
  • Stipend payments for researchers
  • Foundation Doctors – using a work schedule / rotation letter

Credit Score Implications

Moving during training for placements and rotations can affect credit score due to frequent changes in address history. If you have worked and lived abroad for example, this can reduce the amount of UK credit history you have too. As well as this, shared accommodation could affect credit score, so you should check that if housemates have been linked to you, that its not having an effect on you. Thankfully, there are lenders that will accept you, even if you have a lower than average score. Our advisers can help you navigate this, as well as taking a look at your credit file free of charge, to see what improvements could be made, and if thre are lenders that we can approach for you when applying for a mortgage.

Handy Tips

  1. Make sure your payslips are up to date – that they reflect any recent changes in pay grade, band, shift allowances and bank work
  2. Check that all locum work has been accounted for, so you have a true reflection of your hours and income
  3. Ensure you’re registered on the Electoral Roll at your current address and previous addresses are accounted for, to show history
  4. Have payslips and bank statements ready for an adviser to take a look, and advise you on your next steps

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If you have an unpredictable or varied work schedule, don’t worry – we have advisers available 9am until 8pm weeknights and 1pm on Saturdays, on the phone and via email.

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