How To Sell Your House Quickly

Selling your house quickly, a handy guide for homeowners

It’s getting towards that time of year when people begin to think long and hard about selling their home, and moving onwards and upwards. Spring time in the UK is traditionally associated with a boom in the house sales market, with key factors including the improving weather, longer hours of sunlight per day, and the new spring bloom of our gardens all playing a role in our psychological need to move house at this time of year.

If you are thinking about a move, as well as making sure you’ve spoken to an expert mortgage broker to find the right mortgage to enable you to move into the house of your dreams, you’ve also got to market your current home in such a way that someone considers it their dream home and moves ahead with a purchase.

6 Ways To Prepare your house for sale

First impressions count, as the saying goes, so make sure you take the time to prepare your home for sale. In fact, you’re going to want to do quite a lot of preparation work before you even begin the process of putting your house on the market: but it’s all in a good cause, and will help you sell your house fast in the end.

Selling a property can seem like a tricky business, but actually it’s pretty simple and straightforward to get that property sale secured by following a few easy steps.

Disassociate yourself

Disassociate yourself from your property as much as possible, to view it as a potential buyer might. How would it look if you were seeing it for the very first time? You’re moving anyway, so reduce your attachment to the property and to all aspects of the property from the very beginning, and you’ll find the remainder of the process easier to cope with.


This one is vital. The number one reason for people not buying a property is that it was cluttered / untidy: that’s a fixable issue, so make sure you fix it before you start showing your house to potential buyers.

Start by throwing away unwanted items – this is a great opportunity for a clear-out, so embrace it. You can then move onto storing away all your ornaments, family photos and pictures, unused or unneeded books and toys, as well as either selling or moving some furniture into storage (to give the feeling of more space – buyers love to think there’s a lot of space in the house, so help them to feel it).

Clean up

Make sure your house is spotless. This means cleaning walls, carpets, sofas, windows and all surfaces. Focus particularly on cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, where grime can build up quickly. Dust, polish, remove limescale and tackle tile grout.

Tackle the DIY

You may have been putting it off, but now is the time to tackle those broken parts of the house.

This might include replacing broken light bulbs, repairing paint chips, giving the front door or walls a fresh lick of paint, or dealing with creaking hinges, dripping taps or cracked tiles.

Spruce up the interior

Don’t start a major renovation or development. Instead, consider freshening up the interior.

Make your home look light, airy and warm. You can paint parts of walls or doors that are looking jaded, hang mirrors up to give the feeling of space and strategically place extra lighting, such as a lamp, in corners.

6.         External areas

Don’t forget to spruce up the outside of your property, the garden and driveway too.

Wash the windows, repair damaged fences, cut the grass, trim the flowerbeds and clear any pathways. Throw away dead plants and empty pots. Store away tools and other garden equipment, such as hoses.

It’s proven that a fast house sale can be gained by a property with massive ‘kerbside appeal’, so don’t neglect the outside and make sure it looks as good as 

it possibly can do.

Make a plan, and stick to it. If the weather’s going to be fine, tackle the outside. If it’s raining outside, tackle the inside. Depending on how much de-cluttering and tidying up you have to do, it should be possible to create the perfect ‘house for sale’ image within a couple of months of hard slog over the weekends.

You could even have some fun with it, by hosting de-cluttering or decorating parties and getting a few hardy members of your family and friends to help you out with it. You don’t have to do it all alone – especially if you don’t live alone, as everyone living there should have a vested interest in being motivated to see the house able to achieve its potential and attract those prospective buyers for a quick house sale.

When you’ve got the house clean and tidy and you’re ready to start getting quotes from your local estate agents, don’t be afraid to ask friends or family for recommendations as to which one they would consider being a good estate agent, and be sure you’re happy with who you choose to be your house sale company.

Above all, enjoy the process. You’re going on a fantastic adventure, and yes you’ve got to dig in and do some groundwork, but then again nothing good in life ever comes easy does it?

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